Noah kirsle posted on March 7, To the ie5 question; ie5 won’t run in windows 3. There are comments on this page. Or you could connect the cd drive to the sound cards IDE port. So that shouldn’t be a problem. Settings With the VM created, theres just a couple of settings we need to tweak before booting it up. Nothing has changed, possibly HD corrupted by switching off power abruptly, do you think I can recover data from it or not.

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Josh in Nebraska posted on March 3, Attila posted on June 10, This works well when you need to bypass the windows 98 upgrades disc setup programs request to verify your right to use it.

This involves either creating the boot disks and editing the hive on that disk, or modifying the setup m creating the patch there.

You can set the cdrom letter to something high like s: For any other kind of drive USB it will probably fail with an “inaccessible boot device” error. Continuous posted on October 21, Anyone remember the old game of Eliza?


Gene posted on February 15, If my computer was 10 years old, there would be no need for a VM since a computer from that era should be perfectly capable to run Windows 3.

compact disc – Install a CD-ROM driver on MS-DOS – Super User

Kluunsoft posted on April 23, I mx fired up an old Windows 98 computer and my TRS portable and both work very well. Email Required, but never shown.

Do you know any workaround for sharing files beterrn host and guest in this case? Literally spent 2 or 3 hours scouring the “internet archive” until I found a single location where the Windows 3.

Hi Kirsle, Thanks for your reply. You can keep your game I prefer the old way pay once not twice for software.

That’s like asking why anyone would ever want to own a NES anymore dow the newer systems are so much ‘better’ Camila Perez posted on February 3, Click continue one more time and choose Dynamically Sized. Never really got too into using a zip extractor at all since the beginning of the PC. The new software for this OS will be available, too.

I have attempted to create VM and point it to the unzipped Dos 6. Mick posted on March 31, Thanks in advanced for your help.


Unfortunately it keeps crashing as soon as I start any virtual machine. Its included in a larger self extracting.

MS-DOS CD-ROM driver

Mount the floppy disk image. I don’t know just what DriverGuide offered you, but there are some drivers that tended to work on almost all drives, and use up far less conventional memory than most dom CD drivers.

Without getting technical coz I’d only confuse myself!!! Rohit posted on March 2, With Windowsyou should not need to do anything special. I’m using a real computer, not a virtual machine. Why would anyone want to go back to the so called good old days. I tried to install with them and windows won’t launch; a bunch of its executables are zero-length. Copy the driver file with: