No catches, and no hidden costs. Added to your cart. We have also brushed up the user interface of Annotator to make it even simpler and intuitive for all to use. As a result, these boards can cost thousands of dollars. In addition, tools such as Compass, Ruler and Protractor are also available in Upper Layer to assist you with modeling answers for geometry quizzes. Please follow these steps: Each frame comes with an individual tool panel for color selection and more.

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Added to your cart. Screen Shade icon allows highlighting of important sections on the screen while darkening the rest to focus the attention of your audience. Enables up to four users to work simultaneously.

When you are looking at the Call History window, any input will be recognized as search keywords. With Annotator, you can maximize your creativity and fully utilize the potential of your interactive whiteboard. By contrast, IS is designed around infrared IRan inexpensive technology.

Draw, annotate or write on them by choosing the Brush Pen icons. This is a known issue. If so, you may wish to contact your Internet Service Provider regarding the quality of your connection. We will email you with a link to reset feee password.


IPEVO FREE.1 – USB VoIP phone Series

As a result, the Sensor Cam may capture the Interactive Pen at an incorrect location, resulting in an inaccurate cursor. Thus, we are able to manufacture IS at an affordable price. Enter the country code in the ipevl of the U. User Manual – PDF The Extension Wand fits into the back of the Interactive Pen to provide additional length.

Or use it as a Timer by writing the numbers from 10 to 1 on the screen and tell your students that they have until the numbers disappear to settle down, take out their books, or whatever. Additionally, in a Windows environment, you can try turning on the Mute Microphone Volume setting.

How do you sell IS at such a low price? The students’ eyes lit up when they saw something new and interactive they could use in the classroom. Life in the slow lane: A picture is worth a thousand words.

IS Interactive Whiteboard System

However, if you have two sets of computers and projectors running side by side, two ISs may be ipvo separately. SYS might cause damage to your computer’s audio settings such as no output sound.

You can use the Ruler and Compass to show students the steps to draw circles with different radius. Annotator can help you do it. Engage your students and excite them for lessons using the Disappearing Ink. For example, if the area code is and the local number isyou would need to enter the following number in total.


Pair IS with a computer and projector — even portable or short-throw projectors — and in just a few simple steps you can draw and annotate on a projected “board” large enough for the entire class — up to “!

Ever thought about recording real-time video while you draw or annotate on your screen? Yes you can, but we do not recommend it due to the following considerations: Grab the class attention by writing and explaining the hidden or assumed conventions in mathematical equations and watch as they fade away.

You’ll never miss a step again. Therefore, any projector that is compatible with your computer before adding IS to your setup should display and calibrate without issue after connecting IS Some expensive interactive whiteboards can be operated with fingers and other materials, while IS only works with its Interactive Pen. Some traditional interactive whiteboards do support multi-touch.

Your annotations will appear onscreen again when you switch back to Drawing Mode.