Oracle recommends isolating Gen1 media from Gen2 media in the configuration because there is no cross-generation compatibility and there must be at least one Gen1 drive in a library containing Gen1 cartridges. Please ask the forum! No modification of these files is required other than to remove comment fields for the appropriate library and drive types for your installation. You must restart the service to connect. Images below are for illustration only. Operations can be one of the following:. Install the ADSI medium.

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Tandberg SLR Library That is, all operations except Repack. Then the server should see the lun in disk administrator, rescan your disks or reboot if it doesnt.

EMC Community Network – DECN: ADIC Scalar i2K & Legato Networker – Config / modules required

Backup and Recovery Backup Exec. This is true for Tape and Optical.

You must only complete this process one time for each drive in the library. Images below are for illustration only.

Driver for Microsoft Generic SCSI Array Device – downloading and installing it

I have another issue, I have successfuly got the library and my Networker server wine functioning without any problems. You must specify the path to each Robot Manager configuration file for each instance when installing additional Robot Manager Services on the same host.


Install the ADSI medium. You could double check that the Server HBA’s are logged into the switch fabric by logging into both switches and check the nameserver. Glad you got it fixed.

The Update frame button refreshes the displayed Robot Manager information from the database. Supported in E Model E emulation mode only.

Ensure that you have the latest release of LibAttach that incorporates the patch released to address this issue. S The drive will perform all standard operations only. More refinements More refinements New tapes are inserted into the table and existing tapes have their status updated internalized or externalized. It interacts directly with both the Robot Managers and the Tape Drives in the libraries.

It is recommended that the customer open a ticket with the hardware vendor first, before contacting IBM Spectrum Protect Support. License you will need for arrya node depends on your HW setup and general idea how you want this to setup.

scs Also the tape drive should be configured to use Symantec Drivers with version 5. Reboot for the Rl and server would be required.

Only perform this operation if you are adding Drive Types to the library. What you see in the picture is what you get. Configuring zoning on the switch will allow you to present only specific drives to each HBA; if you fail to do this you will have issues when an ii2000 is made to access both names the drive is known as!


Repacking a tape will not change the tape format. The library is now installed. So, should I start looking into the Switches configuration? You can also use -v instead of version.

I believe this means you have both HBAs zoned to see all the devices in the library. The following figure outlines the steps for configuring the robotics to be controlled by DIVArchive: Media Name Translation has changed the Destination Media to media. The library does not show up under medium changer it shows up under other devices. Decice the Automap feature to avoid this issue and use Persistent Bindings instead.