Length is limited to 10 data points. Fixed Swiss grid issue. Fix minutes to hours roll over issue. If connected with a mini-b USB cable to a power source, can run on that power and does not draw power from batteries. Changes made from version 2.

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Updates & Downloads

Correct power-on failure issue. Fix screen fading issue in cold temperature. Views Read View source View history. If the transfer is interrupted, turn off the GPS and then turn it back on.

Disruptions to the update process may render your GPS inoperable. For the environment and your cash pocket best use rechargeables. Disable route calculation icon when GPS is off.

Fix system freeze issue. Length is limited to 10 data points. Improved pedestrian route calculation for shortest distance method.

Add support for maps greater than 2 GB. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Do not use the device “Save” feature for tracklogs.


Garmin/eTrex Vista HCx

Battery capacity is great. Correct potential shutdown when viewing a vertical profile.

Improve the blue shading color when using the setting ‘Marine colors’ in Daytime display mode. Changed odometer calculation to more elgend match track log distance.

Fix ‘Highway Page’ shutdown issue with menu key operation. Limit number of custom POI bitmaps to 64 to ensure enough memory resources. You can easily display OSM maps on this device by getting etrx hold of a gmapsupp. Fix issue where ETA in non motor vehicle modes can be unreasonably short.

Allow backlight adjustment on the track back point selection page.

Garmin/eTrex Vista HCx – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Correct wrong indication of ‘Vertical speed’ and ‘Glide ratio’. Oegend on ‘Download’ and choose to save the file to your computer. This page was last edited on 11 Aprilat All current gpsbabel versions seem to suffer from a data loss bug in position filter http: Correct upside down direction of vertical speed. This program compresses the data to allow for a faster download of the needed files.


Accuracy reported to be 11ft when mounted on my bike handlebars.

Using lithium cells you should get over 40 hours, however at a hefty pricepoint for the lithium cells. Removed the turn backlight on action when unit is initially powered on.

To do so, press menu button from the map view, Setup map, and in the leftmost page set “Lock On Road” to “Off”. With 1 second sampling built-in memory fills up fairly quickly.

Fix potential shutdown on track setup for data card when track log files have long file names. Correct daylight saving time for New Zealand. If connected with a mini-b USB cable oegend a power source, can run on that power and does not hcs power from batteries.

Added better compatibility with Mac computers in USB mass storage mode.