If you are in a car you may notice it jostling about a tiny bit. Back view of the T with the plastic covers over the ports. Underneath view of the T and its fabric patches. The pen itself is good, not great but good. The Fujitsu T seemed to fit the bill the best. Booting up is quick. But at the base of every specialized tablet, there is one criterion that users seek and that is reliability.

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The only software I have installed is Office Enterprise and a couple of games. One thing I really liked about the design is the pen placement.

It has truly been optimized for tablet input. This weight is typical for very big tablets, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal.

Visit our network of sites: Front view of the T in notebook mode. I am used to an 8lb beast, so it is nice to have this lightweight machine. When you are looking at the traces of adhesive around the edge, you will see that slemens of the four corners is missing the adhesive — that is where you peel off the second layer of film thus exposing the adhesive of the screen protector.

With this introduction, I turn to the Fujitsu T The pen input functions well in every application I have used and runs smoothly on the screen.

Two speakers, located in the front of the unit, deliver a rather impressive quality of sound up to a certain level of volume. Both are nice tablets, just not right for me. One thing that annoys me a little bit is the sticker.


The T series now uses Intel’s Santa Rosa processor line, and the hard drive, sealed before, is now user upgradable. The only other game I have tried is Rise of Nations and it ran perfectly fine without changing any settings.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Tablet PC User Review

I am entering my first year of college in a couple of weeks and I am studying electrical engineering. If you order your unit with at least 2GB of memory or plan on upgrading at some point in time, Siemeens definitely recommend ordering Windows Vista because aside from the obvious reason that it builds upon XP it has an improved user interface, better inking capabilities, much more eye candy, and is the latest operating system to come out having many advantages in and of itself.

Because of this, the plastic cover has many very small needle-like holes to help this process. Comparison Results for PCMark There is also a small LCD screen, which displays the status of the fumitsu battery life, wireless, etc. The brightness of the screen itself may be adjusted for power management quite easily. Left side view siwmens the ports. I have absolutely horrible hand writing.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook T4220

However, in order to record sound, the source of sound has to be within one or two feet of the tablet itself. This is especially true for recording meetings or lectures where the main speaker or source of sound may be far away from the unit itself. Left side view of the ports. It gives you some friction so it feels like you are actually writing on paper instead of glass which is neat.


My opinion of the overall unit after using it for a little over a week is one of overall satisfaction. As I was watching Minority Report, my sister was sleeping in the next room over and I woke her up.

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC Specifications

Fortunately, there is a company which not only promises quality, their brand name is synonymous with excellence. Start-up and power-down times are very impressive depending on the state of performance selected which will be discussed in the battery section as well as opening and running many processor intensive applications. That is why I recommend spending 15 dollars and fujitsy a plastic cover that will protect your keys and touchpad from dirt, dust or any other solid state nuisance.

When you want to switch between the tablet and notebook forms, you can swivel the screen right or left on its hinge – no worries about having to double-check a directional arrow or twisting the siemfns the wrong way on the first try.

Not bad at all in my opinion. Back view of the T with the plastic covers over the ports. Back view of the LifeBook T Nothing is cramped and as I write this I have four windows open not including iTunes.