Don’t show me this message again. In that case they do automatically boot from USB even if first in drive order, and the USB drive does not show up when pressing F12 to select boot order. Unlocked allows a user with a valid System password to modify the system password. Page of Go. August 8th, 6. The field is a scrollable list containing features that define the configuration of your computer, including installed hardware, power conservation, and security features. If the correct password is not entered here, the user can view but not modify system setup fields.

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If you insert a boot dumension and restart the computer, this option appears in the system setup menu. To ensure that a device is bootable, check the device.

The computer will attempt to boot from.

Enables or disables the indicated group of USB ports on the front of the computer. Time is kept in the standard hour format hours: Write down your current boot sequence in case you want to restore it. To connect a network cable, first plug the cable into the network wall jack and then plug it into the computer.


If integrated NIC is not. The computer attempts to boot from all bootable devices, but if no bootable device is found, the computer generates an error message that states No boot device available.

Before you perform any of the procedures in this section, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.

System Setup: Dell Dimension E Service Manual

Sets the computer’s suspend mode. You must press the front-panel power button before the system turns on.

August 1st, 3. On enables the interface so that the device can be used.

The Dlmension In window appears. Dell Precision Desktop. Unlocked allows a user with a valid System password to modify the system password. The only virus I ever caught was a boot sector virus spread by floppy disks long ago. This means I need to load the nvidia drivers and the adobe flash package.

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Locked prevents a user without a valid Admin password from being able to modify the System password. Page of Go.

Displays the current status of the system’s password security feature and allows a new system password to be assigned and verified. Join Date Aug Beans 1, Keyboard failure may result when a key on the keyboard is held down for extended periods of time. April 12th, 9.


Sets the computer to automatically turn on. Determines the order in which the system searches for boot devices during system startup. If no CD is in the. To ensure that a device is bootable, check the device documentation.

Displays the current status of your system setup program’s password security feature and allows you to verify and assign a new admin password. Typing ‘exit’ booted me back to XP again.

Do not change the settings in system setup unless you are an expert computer user.

Dell Dimension C521 Owner’s Manual: Boot Menu

If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop, then shut down your computer and try again. April 12th, 7.

August 8th, 6. Determines whether the sign-on screen displays a message stating the keystroke sequence that is required to enter the Setup program or the Quickboot feature.