Drag and drop the videos to your desktop or another folder in File Explorer to download them from the camera. While it’s likely that most users will stay within Flip Video’s walled garden – that is, content transferred from Flip Video camcorders – it’s possible to import a limited number of video formats: In the case of trying to play video from a stationary computer like a desktop machine under a desk, reception can be improved using a USB extension cable such as the D-Link USB 2. I then transferred my video clips. See All Related Store Items. You attach the Bic lighter-like transmitter, called the USB key, to your Windows or Mac computer, which can be in a nearby room. For the time being, dismiss any such offers.

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Everything you need is right there on the camera. These Flip Channels are a convenient way to share videos with loved ones no matter where they live. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to experience the show, though, since without a really long cable, I was relegated to holding the camera near the TV to control playback.

Then, you point the infrared remote two AAA batteries are included at the white box, known as the TV Base, making it possible to run the show without getting up. Flip Video Knowledge Base: PCs and Macs need this software to view and edit the Ultra’s footage.

Please email feedback on this article, or suggestions for future topics, to emailfeedback bhphoto. Whenever they add new content to a Flip Channel, everyone included in that channel can watch it instantly. You don’t have to rush home to use your computer, drag a laptop around with you, or purchase or download additional software. Apparently there have been firmware changes such that the manual provided -as small and as useless as it is, is wrong.


The FlipShare software is installed in the Applications folder at the root level of your Mac’s startup drive. Assuming your computer has a broadband connection, you can also use FlipShare TV to watch video shared by other Flip Video users.

That way, the USB key could be placed closer to a doorway, for instance. See the nearby sidebar “3ivx and the Original Flip Ultra” for details.

This computer can be your friend’s, your mom’s, or a school computer on which you’re allowed to install software.

Doing so can result in lost data. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs.

The Flip Mino Pocket Guide: FlipShare

You’d never know from the manual that FlipShare TV uses a Ussb point-to-point configuration that auto selects 2. Be careful not to unplug your Flip camera from your computer while videos are downloading. You can’t run the FlipShare software directly from a Flip camera. Phillipines need I say more.

In the resulting windows, agree to the license agreement, and enter your Administrator jsb when prompted. Instead, take a look uzb your videos on a screen that lets you appreciate your handiwork. For example, grandparents in Florida can turn on the TV and watch the latest Flip video of their grandchildren frolicking in the snow.

The system consists of a USB dongle that connects to your computer, a receiver that connects to your TV, and a remote control.

Cisco FlipShare USB Key (CTV1W-UB) – WikiDevi

In the case of trying to play video from a stationary computer like a desktop machine fkipshare a desk, reception can be improved using a USB extension cable such as the D-Link USB 2.


Regardless of the kind of computer and operating system on which you install the FlipShare software, if you flipsjare an active Internet connection when the software first launches, FlipShare checks Pure Digital’s servers for a new version. Keep in mind that FlipShare TV may not be what you want to use when the video clips are fresh in the camcorder and the goal is to quickly view them on your HDTV.

References Flip Video Knowledge Base: A Flip user can simply set up Flip Channels within flopshare computer’s FlipShare software and choose the friends and family they want to be able to watch.

The Flip Mino Pocket Guide: FlipShare | Installing FlipShare | Peachpit

You can fast forward or rewind a video or jump to the next or previous clip. Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since If you download videos using FlipShare, you must export them from that program before you can edit them elsewhere.

Neither Windows nor the Macintosh supports this format natively with Windows Media and QuickTime software, respectively. Yes, if you are very careful, and ignore what you see and what you read, you can get a movie on your TV.

They convinced me to try with another computer, which I did, it meets all their specs – No luck. You’ll be able to enjoy your movies and photos from the comfort of your favorite armchair.