Now comes the fun part: The WET11 even has a crossover switch for the Ethernet side, making it simple to install, regardless of whether you are using a straight-through or crossover cable. These things are really neat; you typically need a big, whiney transformer to drive EL, but these driver chips are small, quiet, and efficient. Be careful to keep track of any parts if they fly out during this step. There is a huge variety of PC-compatible hardware available that is perfectly capable of serving as an access point.

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Use it to estimate how much power you wirelesa to provide at one end of your cable run in order to power your access point. Here are three popular antennas that are quite small and unobtrusive. Use the new mouse as you would any Bluetooth device.

Now, solder in the EL panel driver board. But the two- to four-fold increase in range can be well worth the cad. There are also models from Asus, Buffalo, and Netgear with nearly identical internals. Others have no internal antenna at all and work only with an external antenna.

Lastly, I sealed the area between wirelrss ball bearing and the vinyl with hot glue. As you can see, placement of the motor is critical.

Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition by Roger Weeks, Rob Flickenger

I had trouble sending a null character from VB, but it works now. A friend of mine, Manny, decided to take it upon himself to do this part. From front to rear, use the blue, purple, then green wires. If you need more gain, one of our antenna designs [Hack 83] works quite well with the popsicle stick antennas. Undaunted, I rebuilt the circuit with one of the other chips that I ordered and, finally, the driver board worked.


When choosing a piece of hardware, you should remember to consider the number and type of radio and network interfaces, cooling and power requirements, size, RAM and CPU available, and of course, cost. These devices are quite small, about the wierless of a standard wall wart, as shown in Figure Where they are available, these boards work quite well as wireless routers.

This will expose two screws. 2511-cg base is nice for sticking the antenna on a nearby table or shelf, but best of all, it is easily detached from the antenna.

Engenius Senao Wireless Compact Flash Card CF Mercury

Ethernet signal travels well over CAT5 cable; a 2. Carefully unplug the antenna connector, unscrew the card from the brass stand-offs, and remove the internal card. When the backing has been removed, it should look something like Figure The left mouse button is wired, so the front solder point is going to the brown wire which is ground and the rear is going to the orange wire.

The optic from the original board and the new one were exactly the same in my experience, so you can use this to assist in positioning the board in place. On the side nearest the antenna, leave one set of leads and trim off the rest, as shown in Figure As always, be sure to check on the type of connectors you need for both ends of the pigtail both the laptop card and the antenna will have unusual connectors.


You will also have to remove red clear plastic material from the bottom.

4. Hardware Hacks – Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition [Book]

You should now be enjoying the benefits of a much more sensitive radio and a full mW of power. We settled on a simple extender type of device, with a female socket on one side and a male plug on the other. Figure shows the two mice, side by side. Figure shows what it should look like when finished. A serial port has been soldered on to get a console and interrupt the boot process. Metrix also offers discounts for community networking projects.

Its popularity can be gauged by looking at the Linksys web page compzct noting how many other The WET11 can accept voltages a bit higher than 5 volts some say as high as 12Vso you could even theoretically use four Alkaline batteries 4 x 1.