You may wish to see my review of the XDS1 before reading the rest of this one. The first thing we noticed was how heavy the unit was boxed up. Play a superb recording like the Naxos CD of Shostakovich’s 10 th symphony and it’s gob-smackingly good. The warranty time period is 5 years. If you think your run-of-the-mill DAC performs at this level, think again. You’ve misread what I wrote. Tips for getting the most from Roon Software.

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Dear Michael, I love reading your column but I am puzzled at some of your findings. That’s a sampling rate of 64 times that of a Some may prefer a more forgiving sound.

I’m not surprised that some dac2c cables seem to have more presence to the high end with their sound.

The DAC2X looks and feels the part of a very well made piece of kit. An individual was given the task to come up with a way to make all this happen and his name is Ed Meitner.

My point auxio we have a lot of experience with both of these companies outstanding products. Something to note here, the Thesycon drivers were the latest version of the drivers I’ve seen to date. It appears to me that it is an exciting time in the market with MQA, Roon, Tidal streaming, and the evolution of better and better dacs and servers, digital is becoming more and more pleasurable a listening experience.

For the moment I will just say that this is a truly satisfying DAC, capable of extracting the maximum out of both Redbook and high resolution sources, PCM and DSD based, and if you inhabit a world where you can afford the price of a small car with its own built in DAC for a single audio component, go for it. In fact it was the Dac 2Xse’s North American preview. Holding the DAC2X in our hands gave us a feeling of impeccable build-quality and a sense of audio luxury.


You may wish to see my review of the XDS1 before reading the rest of this one.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The warranty time period is 5 years. That’s another reason to hold off on DSD for a little while longer. Main Power connector 3. The DAC itself was protected with a nice soft cloth sock.

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The differences are in the output stage, where a simpler design is used, in the cabinet materials which are less costly and substantial, and in the glass-epoxy circuit boards used in place of the ultra expensive ceramic boards used in the DAC2X.

But the DAC2X had two signature strengths, the second its rendition qudio leading edges. Let’s hope this happens sooner than later.

This ability to manipulate and upgrade every portion of a DAC is precisely the reason why Ed has dsc2x stressed building our proprietary discrete circuitry and software algorithms in-house; making the best use of our unique single-bit DAC design — and not use any of the conversion and signal processing chips found everywhere in the high-end industry. Favorite Music Lists of Most other internal elements are shared between the two models.


There are also two USB inputs: Digital to Analog Converter Input: Power from the wall is first converted to high voltage DC in a PFC Power Factor Correction circuit, then the switcher produces multiple low voltage supply rails for the various analog and digital circuits. Cac2x to EMM, they come very close to the performance obtained with dsc2x wiring, which is difficult or impossible to use in digital circuits.

Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety.


When I read your review it certainly seemed that you in one of your passages was alluding to the Vega sounding in certain ways better than the Emm Labs product, which I haven’t found. This will become a standard feature. We personally like the silver finish but some folks will want to match the DAC2X up to their current equipment.

Introduced inthe Super Audio Compact Disc has to this day never won mass acceptance. It’s nice to have options. Upon opening the package we noticed a super-beefy CNC’d aluminum remote control. To tie things all together, if you ubs afford the DAC2X, go ahead and give it a shot. In light of the above, I performed my comparison with files of that resolution or lower.