With these features, the touchpad can eliminate button clicking altogether, resulting in less finger fatigue due to the decrease in force necessary to activate normal buttons. This article has multiple issues. Facilitates Load Balancing – The ambidextrous nature of touchpads permits them to be used on either the left- or right-hand sides of the keyboard – sometimes they can be used even in the middle! While some minor adjustments can be made through the primary system mouse settings the Glidepoint Driver offers significantly greater customization. The Smart Cat Pro also allows the user to custom program 4 “touch zones” to perform a wide range of actions including clicks and keyboard shortcuts. Limits Overreaching – Touchpads are both compact and stationary, allowing them to be positioned in closer proximity to the user and their hands than traditional mice.

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This means that the hand has less distance to travel to access the mousing device and does not have to drag the weight of the mousing device to accomplish cursor movement.

Learn More About the Comfort Zone. Reduce the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries from overworking one side. It measures very small capacitance changes, due to a finger’s proximity, among electrodes in a grid buried beneath the insulating surface of the pad.

Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad by Cirque Corporation : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

Reduces Finger Fatigue – Touchpads allow cursor movement by sliding the finger over its surface. Learn More About Pronation. This shareware utility has been reported to augment the capabilities of the touchpad and allow for more customization of the touchpad features.


Because of the capacitive technique, it does not require electrical cifque with the finger, nor does it require the finger to exert pressure on the pad.

Easy Cat USB AG Touchpad

Can Reduce Pronation – Touchpads are solid state devices i. The low profile design virtually eliminates the potential for wrist extension and the ambidextrous design accommodates used with either hand for those with to spread the load between hands.

The first notebook computer containing GlidePoint appeared soon thereafter. The Easy Cat also allows the user to click by lightly touching the touchpad surface. No need to move the cursor to the back and forward buttons on the browser – a simple glide of the finger instantly moves back or forward one page at clrque time, regardless of the cursor location.

Both left and right clicks can be activated by touching the finger directly on the pad. The reason for this is that the Glidepoint Driver lets you customize the functionality of your Cirque TouchPad.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. For more detailed information view the Cirque Glidepoint Installation Guide. The Smart Cat Pro also features four one-touch zones that can be custom programmed for a wide range of shortcuts or actions. Bottom left and right buttons default to left and right click, both side buttons default to middle click and custom program as a set to perform the same command. Cirque Corporation does not provide drivers for the Macintosh platform.

There are also step by step videos on YouTube for assembly and startup. The two side buttons and vertical scrolling will not function without third party driver installation.


For many years, Gerpheide and O’Callaghan traveled in an attempt to convince makers of notebook computer to agree to use GlidePoint. Advanced Gestures for GlidePoint: The two bottom buttons and vertical scrolling will not function without third party driver installation.

Withstands Spills and Abuse: Sealed solid-state design is more resistant than trackballs and other mousing devices. Withstands Spills and Abuse: They are configured to allow the rapid design touchpqd non-conventional touch input products.

Generation touhpad both left and right clicks is accomplished by lifting the finger clear of the surface and then lightly touching the surface to perform a click. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Circle Trackpads have recently been featured in gaming controllersbut could also be used in remotes, automotive, industrial, and medical devices.

Cirque Corporation – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For pricing, availability or to order this product, visit our online store. While some minor adjustments can be made through the primary system mouse settings the Glidepoint Driver offers significantly greater customization. Sounds and custom speed, sensitivity, and orientation settings are customizable with installation of the Cirque GlidePoint driver.

Try to generate clicks by touching the surface of the touchpad; only use the redundant mechanical buttons as a secondary method.