Very good in detail The THD level has fallen down 4 times. We took several CDs with classical, hip hop and electronic music. The dynamic range has increased by almost 3 dB, and the noise level has dropped by 3 dB as well. First of all, we connected the first line-out of the card with its first line-in. We revealed no artifacts. Practice possder several outlets in Reason in any case All available inputs and outputs shown can be connected with virtual cables.

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The outputs of the card were connected to its inputs with a 20cm Proel’s microphone cable with gold-plated connectors. The level of intermodulation distortions is now twice lower. The Maya44 copes excellently with recording of a guitar and a signal from an external synthesizer.

Finally we coupled the composition with the GigaStudio played tools – but it didn’t confuse the card. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

Audiotrak Maya44 Professional Sound Card

However, you can download a newer driver version 3. The signal sampling from an external source was good as well.


44 Very easy just follow the instructions. After that we added into the composition two DirectX tools: Fortunately, the Maya44 copes excellently with modern games.

All user reviews for the AudioTrak MAYA 44 USB

We revealed no artifacts. The virtual tools with the sound tracks and the sound of the MS DirectMusic GM software synthesizer played flawlessly. If you understand how to do that, it takes no time. That is why in the XP we installed the same KBytes drivers of the 3.

Today we will examine one more inexpensive professional sound card. First of all the Maya44 was tested in the Elder Scrolls: In general, the Maya44 makes an impression of being a card designed specially for home use – uusb from its price to some pleasant details. It means that you have to invest quite a lot of money here. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: USE Installation carefree, super easy. Request a new review. It should be noted that the headphone amplifier is located exactly on the first output, the mic preamp is on the first input.

The commutation is quite clear contrary to the channel routing: Accessories and drivers The set of accessories follows the principle of minimalism: As a rule, such things bring in nothing good.


ESI – Download: MAYA44 USB

There were some problems with latency, but they were solved by setting it to samples in the driver panel.

On the other hand, it is hardly so necessary at home. Purchase price euros: But we are testing devices usv all possible modes.

The trip-hop vocals’ croaking on the Live! Very good in detail The THD level has fallen down 4 times.


The dynamic range has increased by almost 3 dB, and the aidio level has dropped by 3 dB as well. I certainly do not buy it back the same hardware, I think it is not at all suited my uses During monitoring a signal level can be measured in 1. The four input-output – For what purpose? By the way, the drivers of the SB Live!