The approach that you choose will probably be driven by the applications that you want to use. Other applications were written to use it too. A “software service” for sending and receiving raw Ethernet packets is in place, courtesy of the packet driver. That hardware might be a network adapter, an Ethernet chipset connected through the parallel port, or even just a plain serial port. For 16 bit ISA bus machines you can use nearly anything. Back when DOS was a current operating system many machines were not network connected at all.

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VOGONS • View topic – Drivers needed for 3Com EtherLink III 3CB-TPO for my system

Inside the packet driver is code to talk to a specific piece of hardware. One of the great things about NCSA Telnet is that the source code is readily available for download – with the correct build environment, you can modify it! Of course you might have a machine new enough to have PCI slots or an Ethernet adapter on the motherboard.

Here are some places to look for a packet driver for a specific Ethernet device. But performance is not as good as with the first approach and the “one size fits all” philosophy leads to some design compromises that may not be good for the individual programs.

Other applications were written to use it too. As a doz, networking applications generally included code to talk to a few specific models of network adapters directly. The 3Com 3C based adapters are good choices.


DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

Some 16 bit cards might be able to function in an 8 bit slot, but you will 3cc509 to experiment with that. I’ll try it as soon as I get home! Even the slowest DOS machines dating back to the early s can do the following once networked:. NCSA Telnet can use a packet driver or it can talk directly to several different Ethernet cards without the need for a packet driver. It talks to the packet driver for that hardware, and as far as the networking software is concerned all packet drivers all look and behave the same way.

But the overhead of the parallel port does hurt performance, so while it is a good basic solution it will never beat the performance of an Ethernet adapter on a card. And although DOS came a little bit before the era of widespread networking on home computers, there was enough overlap such that reasonably good networking software exists for DOS. This isn’t the only silver-faced beauty I own, either. This site hosts no abandonware.

For 8 bit ISA bus machines your choices are more limited. It assumes a specific data transfer port number, which is what was standard years ago.

Parallel ports were not 3×509 for communications as much as serial ports were. They switched to a packet driver interface when the variety of Ethernet cards mushroomed. I checked out the Vogons’ driver data base, and came up empty handed for anything network related, but it was super nice for the GPU drivers! A “software service” for sending and receiving raw Ethernet packets is in place, courtesy of the packet driver. Return to General Old Hardware.


The software allowed the computers to move files back and forth.

Behind the 4 pin molex connector on the first picture above, in my original post. On a modern operating system networking is a standard function and great effort has been made to make dis easy to setup. Application software would use the API to send and receive packets.

3Com 3c509

The name is a tongue-in-cheek sound-alike to Ethernet, and refers to the use of someone wearing sneakers as the transport mechanism for the data. There is a lot of software out there for networking using a packet driver and there are already a lot of resources on the Internet that describe those resources. Here is my set of criteria:. Back then people did not have home networks and networking equipment was much more expensive.

More information on mTCP can be found at http: Unfortunately the web pages for Trumpet are gone now. Most of these other protocols work silently in the background so you do not need to worry about them.

Packet drivers are usually specific to a particular model of Ethernet device.